With over 20 years of experience and a wide variety of equipment, we have never ceased to meet and exceed your HSS and Carbide tool sharpening

Service For Industry is dedicated to the tool service industry and we promise to provide our customers with quality service at competitive prices, on time delivery and service you can rely on.

We offer fast turn around time, emergency service, alterations to print, free pickup and delivery (local areas), design assistance, high standards, Quality control and a convenient location.

Our Services
  • Cutter Grinding
  • CNC & Manual Tool Grinding
  • HSS & Carbide Tools Sharpened
  • Specials & Alterations to Print
  • Endmills, Corner Radius, Ball Nose, Taper, Roughing
  • Drills, Step Drills, all Mfg. Drill Points
  • Square End, Ball Nose and Taper End mill Sharpening
  • Tool Holder repair
  • Gage Repair & Calibration

   Resharpening your used cutting tools can save your company money by as much as 50% or more while preserving natural resouces.

Carbide Tool Resharpening
Darex Drill Grinder
CNC Tool Grinding
Since 1992, we have provided exceptional service to a variety of clients in manufacturing.
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Conveniently located in Dayton, Ohio
Tool  Resharpening
Dayton Tool Resharpening